missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Week 7 Velikonoce and Počasy

It gets so cold in this computer store/coffee corner room we email from. By the time I write this email my fingers are so stiff! so bear with my spelling errors.(well Mel, I always check for spelling and punctuation before I post your letters your blog, it's just my thing - Mom) 

First off I hope everyone had a hezky Easter and General Conference weekend! What a blessing to have those on the same weekend! We had great contacting approaches this last week. We asked people why they celebrate Easter and hardly anyone knows! Then we swooped in and bore our testimony of Jesus Christ and what He did for us. 

Speaking of Easter- let me now tell you what the Czech Republic does for Easter (Velikonoce). They have the weirdest traditions. SO! Monday everything was closed because that is the day they celebrate Easter. I don't know why. The tradition goes as follows: The boys go around with braided branches of a weeping willow tree and whip the women in their homes while chanting a song. (Its not abusive) Then the women offer the men shots of vodka or candy. AND! If they come after 12:00 the women can pour a bucket of water on the men. I guess the song is wishing another year of health and happiness for the women. We were secretly hoping someone would whip us just to say we were a part of the tradition. But no worries. Last night one of our investigators was coming back into town by bus and told us he had something for us. We were like "what if he wants to whip us??" we were so excited. Anyway we meet up with L and he tells us to put out our hands and he hands us 3 huge containers of food. We couldn't stop giggling, he is just the best. Then he tried to feed us a piece of some bread and meat thing but we awkwardly put out our hands instead. Hahaha. I'm sure this sounds creepy but L is the sweetest and we always somehow end up talking about food during our lessons. I love him!

I love my sassy companions. Transfers are coming up! We have no idea where everyone is going except for Sestra Senkane because she is going home. 

The weather has been nuts!!! On my Prague exchange day, it was pouring snow, then raining sideways, then so much wind you could barely walk against it, Then snow off and on since then! For example, yesterday it was hot while we were seeding a cute neighborhood then BAM! The second we buy ice cream it's cold, dark, and snowing hard! This weather will not make up its mind. 

Speaking of Prague. I had a 24 hour exchange there! Half of our lessons were in English, the AP's and one Elder Mendenhal (a senior elder) and Sister Smith and I went to a lady's house to give a blessing. Even though it was in Czech, the spirit was the same. Those blessings were so tender to hear and witness. I am so so so grateful for the correct priesthood we have today. Also while in Prague we had a hilarious lesson. This guy never comes to his lessons so we were eating dinner in the lobby area of the church building then all of the sudden he comes FIVE minutes before our next lesson! So on man comes 45 minutes late, the other man then comes in 5 minutes later. They are both investigators at different levels of conversion and Sister Smith gives me the face like "crap. what do we do??" I said "split!" So on the other side of the room I start talking to one and was ready to teach him the Plan of Salvation by myself, then Sister Smith just says we can do a lesson together. It was sooo funny because in the lesson they were teaching each other and M is sassy so he was saying things that the other man corrected him on and the whole time Sister Smith and I are lightly laughing and getting red for how the situation was. 

I hope that all made sense. It's been a great week and I am way excited for this coming week because we have General Conference! Take care everyone and can I invite you all to try something? -------so this last week I needed divine help to focus and not worry about the language. I want to listen with love to the people we are talking to and not think about how I should say it. I decided to pray and through that long long prayer with focus on all thought I brought to Heavenly Father, with the desire to just talk to our investigators and cater to their spiritual needs, with the sincerity and faith that He would help me, I have since received revelation in our lessons and have found the work to be easier. I have a firm testimony on the power of prayer. Heavenly Father is absolutely there for us and he loves us as his spiritual children. This week, will you sincerely pray to your Father in Heaven, and tell him your desires and plead for his help and guidance so that you can have what you need? Make sure to close in the name of his Beloved son Jesus Christ who has physically put on our burdens and done all in his life for us. This pattern of prayer is essential in our building a relationship with the Godhead. 

I looooove you all so much. Thank you for all the things you have done in missionary work and remember who is on your side to help! P.S. Don't think it is awkward to share the Gospel. Just talk!
-Sestra Hale
p.p.s. The Czech language is so great. It is coming slowly. but surely. The gift of tongues is real! 

This is where we live! Its called a Panalok. But I call it a Panda-lock

This is the high school near our office. I wish my high school looked this fancy!

100 days celebration! Thank you for the package! I laughed as I opened it. So great!

 Me after taking a picture "Wait. Maybe I should put on my nametag so I actually look like a missionary"  
Sister Clark/photographer: "Yeah cause you REALLY look like a missionary right now"

We meet so many different people. These are in our office and since I took this picture we ordered a Bosnian Book of Mormon and another in Slovak! Its so crazy going from all english and some spanish back home to a million different languages everyday.

We email either at the library or this computerstore/coffee place. Here is a picture for you.

 This is a picture of the family that feeds us every Sunday night. We all love each other.

We bought ice cream cones when it was sunny, then it started snowing.

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