missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Week 8 Transfers

I AM IN SLOVAKIA!!!!!!!!!!
Okay I guess that is not the best joke I could come up with but I bet I really had a few of your going right? I am currently in České Budejovíce, still in the Czech Republic, south of Prague. It is cool because I have pictures of the town square on my computer back home. I am serving here! It already is so different than Mlada. Not everyone works for Skoda (the car making company) and there are actually a ton of people on the namesti. I am here with Sister Behunin from Utah and she hits her 1 year mark this transfer. I am so happy to be here! 
This morning the Elders got permission to drive me to Prague since they were heading that way too. We all drove there together, then split up at the train station. If it weren't for Adel, a nice woman who spoke English like a British woman (her bf is from England), I would be so lost because the itinerary went from train to bus to train. She also helped me with my luggage and she wrote down AND looked up pictures of all these places around C.R. that I must visit. Thanks lady! ALSO She looked at me so crazy when I told her I was a Mormon. She has heard crazy things about them. Don't worry. I explained and fixed her thoughts on what she thinks mormonism is from the documentaries she has seen
p.s. If you want to know about mormonism, ask a mormon. Don't watch a play or a documentary NOT produced by the church itself. That is silly.
Anyway yay! I am excited to be here. The last week has been great full of fun and great last lessons and saying goodbye. 
I really want to talk about General Conference though:
We were in a lesson with J about a week ago and I got the prompting to ask him to live exactly like a member of our church for 3 weeks then tell us it is not the true church. He is so faithful he is doing just that! He even tried to pay tithing! (woops. you need to be baptized to pay tithing) SO he came to ALL sessions of conference. He was in Jicin with us for 8 hours Saturday and 8 hours Sunday (he stayed for the women's session). So on the way to the Sunday morning session my eye ball hurt like it had been punched or something. So while on the bus I leaned down and began to pray with intentions to pray for my eye. I started praying and all my thoughts rendered to J and what he can get out of conference. I prayed the rest of the 10 minutes to the church building. This session there were lots of members there so J watched it in Czech. Yay! He could get the full effect of it that way! It turns out that God DOES hear our prayers. I already knew this but maaaaan did my testimony grow during that session BECAUSE there were 2 talks specifically that catered to what I knew J needed to hear. No joke I cried on and off the entire 2 hours of Sunday morning session because 1. my prayers were answered   2. J heard what he needed to hear   3. Those talks also lifted me up and gave me my personal answers that I needed.
My testimony is currently on fire and I am so excited to release that fire on the people of Ceska Budejovice.
Fun Facts:
-Saturday Sessions of conference made me husband hungry. I know I am not alone haha. I am excited to be a wife and mother in the future. I know what I am doing now is preparing me for that next part of life and forever.
-I love being a missionary and I love being here in the Czech Republic! Thank you all for your help in my preparation to becoming the woman I currently am. Family, leaders, Bishops, friends, teachers, neighbors, everyone!
Love you all! 
-Sestra Hale
  This young woman is 14 and is Mongolian. She taught me how to say "'hello, how are you"' in Molgolsky. That is a crazy language! (pray for those missionaries there.) Anyway she is super smart.

This is our English class we teach every Wednesday night. They are so great! We write "Welcome" on the board every week above the sentences we say to introduce ourselves. They all actually say "Welcome, hello my name is ___".   It is the best! We played Dobble with them. It was intense and so fun!

 ​​yay! One of our last days together.

  As the elders drove me to Prague in their tiny car with all 
of our stuff....I was crammed! I withstood that seat for an hour! ​​​​​​​​​​

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