missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Sunday, February 22, 2015

MTC Week 7 Namaste and Stickers


I am curious to find out who loves me. I am running low on stickers. I love robots and sparkles and random things. Lets say I leave the MTC in 11 days...so in the next 8 mailing days would anyone want to send me a few new sheets of stickers? I use them all the time! 

So here is the update on the newbs....they are ALL fantastic. I had the chance to interview all the new sisters on Saturday night (as STL) and they are all exciting to get going. A few of them are challenging themselves ALREADY to Speak Their Language 24/7 and learn up to 60 words a day...I wish I did that in the beginning! We are all examples to each other. One of them is Sister R-I love her laugh. One is from Pocatello! Sister H -I love her humor. One is Sister R: NO JOKE she looks like a tan Rory from Gilmore girls. One is Sister D-she loves to make double chin faces with me (as you can see from the attached photos) One is Sister V: She is intelligent and is super driven and also really fun to talk to. One is Sister T: she is wise and is nutritious and strong. Sister S is loud and random and funny! Sometimes she reminds me of a puppy. Then Lastly Sister H who's tear ducts are expanded. She is open about crying all the time. I just love her we always laugh about silly things. THEN the 2 new Elders. Elder R-who lived in Serbia and is serving in Slovenia and tried proving he could do the Cinnamon challenge the other day but failed...horribly...it was seriously a mushroom cloud coming out of his mouth. Then Elder P from Oklahoma with a southern accent and really pretty friends from back home. They are all awesome! How do I feel with them? Like a babička. A grandmother. They are so fresh and already complaining about sitting all day. In my mind I always say "don't even start!" but no worries. They will become immune in no time. 

Fun Fact: I gave the closing prayer in devotional Tuesday night. Sometimes when I pray in a large group my eyes do this nervous twitch thing. Don't bother asking me why cause I don't know and its super weird. BUT as I prayed I didn't feel the tickle from my eyelids twitching a bunch! It was exciting. 

The other day Sestra R said she was going to be my companion for a lesson! I LOVED planning with her, I LOVED teaching with her, and lets face it, I LOVE her! It was weird but so awesome teaching with someone else! I'm exciting to always have a companion by my side to fill in gaps and to testify even more of the truth. 

Yesterday I taught over skype. I think I mentioned that in my voice recording so be sure to listen for that. I love skyping-those volunteers are super cool! The Elders skypes J who is the Family History Consultant over there and the missionaries serving in that area were in the background eating. It was fun to watch from the sidelines! 

Since we have ELEVEN DAYS LEFT in America, we are reviewing a lot of the Czech grammar concepts but also learning random things such as how to tell time. So story: My least favorite word for a while was the number four. Here is what it looks like čtyři. Not fun right? when you tell time it gets more interesting. Such as 3:45 would be tři-čtyři na čtyři. I now dare you all to look that up. hahah its crazy learning new concepts like this. I'd rather review a ton! Although knowing time might be vital in missionary work. No one wants to meet with sloppy late missionaries. 

There is such great leadership in our zone. The Zone leaders and new sister Training Leaders are as follows: Starší C, Starší C and Sestra L who I am now training. We met the other day to discuss our goals as leaders in benefit for our zone. I love us all. Its going to be a crazy and awesome next 11 days!!!  

This morning most of the Sisters went to Yoga. It was great. I enjoyed listening to a soundtrack of grasshoppers and wind. It reminded me on that one part in the movie Interstellar when he is listening to a rainstorm. 

One last thing: There are cases in the Czech language. This means when you want to say OF God there is no word for 'of' in Czech but you simply case the word God from Buh: God --> Boha: of God. Its a crazy concept but I guess makes sense. It just hurts to try and form complete phrases. Although thanks to the thugness of the Elders in my district aka Starsi S: we all are working on memorizing them to a beat. It works! Now we just have to apply them when we speak our language!

Miluji vám!  
I love you all!

-Sestra Hale 

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