missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, February 23, 2015

MTC Week 8 I don't know where to start

Literally THE craziest week has gone by. 
I dont have a lot of time so it will be brief. Sorry to keep you wondering:
FRIDAY we received our flight plans. YEAH BABY! We leave on Feb 16th to Texas, London, then Prague! The Bulgarians(my companions) got theirs too!
SATURDAY we are still excited to leave!
SUNDAY Sister T is supposed to sing in the Sunday night devotional with violin from Sister O (my 2 comps). Sunday afternooon all of the sudden Sister T says shes been tasting blood and after a trip to instacare she knows something weird is up with her soft pallets. She sings anyway that night in some pain but she brought the spirit like never before. ---side note a missionary that has been at the MTC for a week who is foreign said in his broken broken english "I havent been able to understand anybody since I got here. When you sang I heard the song in my language" 
MONDAY Sister T is at the doctors a ton and all these doctors have no idea what is going on!
TUESDAY she gets a biopsy and is in a lot of pain ---this is when you are thinking that her companions were probably in a lot of emotional pain with her. You're right----
WEDNESDAY Sister T feels better and there is a meeting with the MTC doc who tells her something that made it seem like she cant serve-CRUSHED-ALL OF US- But immediately we talked to her parents on the phone and a branch coordinator with flight plans and illnesses and he gave us hope and comfort. ALSO WE GOT REASSIGNED. Well, half of MY mission got reassigned. 2 to Virginia, 1 to Washington and me to Texas Houston East Mission

Just in case anyone is skimming this email I just said I HAVE BEEN REASSIGNED WHILE I WAIT FOR A VISA---Texas Houston East Mission. I still leave Monday at the same time. That's all I know so don't bother asking me any questions haha.

THURSDAY: the darn tootn-est P Day I have ever had. Seriously we were half packing, eating at the temple, eating Cafe Rio that Sister T brought back-she was out in the real world doing doctor things.

I dont have time to explain this. There have been some crazy ups and downs CONTSANTLY in the last week. If you can pray for us missionaries specifically because it has been so so nuts and so much change and emotion. 

Thats all I can say for now. I love you all, hold strong because we all know crazy things in life are part of the plan. 

-Sestra Hale

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