missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Week 1 Dobry Den (hello)

Its been a wild time!! 2 days after I found out I was reassigned to Texas we got word that 3 of us had our travel visas! Mine, Starsi Smith and Starsi Cahoon. Everyone else was assigned state side. and yes. You better believe I bawled knowing we would all be split up around the world. Oh well, in enough time our MTC district will reunite in a zone conference or something. 

Traveling: first we flew to Texas and had a 5 hour layover. We just sat and talked and kind of lowkey freaked out in the airport that this was real life to be going to our missions. We also ate some Texas meat which was great. We also had a ton of time to call our families so that was nice :) I love you family! 
Then we flew to London. We knew it would be long and exhausting with the whole time difference thing BUT Starsi Smith and I sat together! It was kind of a tender mercy because otherwise I know I would have freaked out a little bit. All in all, we had a weird dinner, fell asleep mid conversation then woke up and said some other sentences then crashed again and so on. The climax of that flight was the high turbulence that woke us both up because those shoulder things head rest things you put down that are on your seat..you know what I am talking about? we were both using those and I woke up to a good minute long face smashing on those things. It was funny. ALSO when all the lights were off so everyone could sleep was when I was wide awake. I didn't want to turn on the overhead light because I didn't want to bother anyone around me with that bright glare. So I turned the brightness up on the screen in front of me (on the chair in front of me) and studied what I could. It kind of sucked but eventually I fell asleep. hahaha also there was a time when I was wide awake that I perused on that monitor for our flight travel, books on tape, and music. Surely this fancy plane had to have classical music. I browsed and found 'background African sounds' not even music. Then I found
--This is important and will make you laugh--.
Then I found 'Nigerian sounds' THE FIRST SONG I LISTEN TO went something like this "Hi! I am a What? I am a Who? I am a...Nigerian!" I laughed so hard and took those headphones off quick because no missionary should be hearing such eminem wannabes. It was hilarious. 

Also from that plane ride I decided I want my children to grow up in Britain. I was called 'love' twice. It was brilliant. 

Okay then the last flight to the CR was short and all of us felt nauseous and tired so we crashed and don't remember much. We all decided if we had to go on another plane we would have hurled. That was way too much plane. 21 hours total of travel time. Woof. So we got there and met the AP's Starsi C (who told me about him from back home? I remember writing his name down) Starsi K and the one and only President McConkie and his wife and one of their kids E and Sister McConkie's sister who was visiting. They were so glad we made it there in one piece. 

These are too many details. 
We got to Prague, the mission home/church/Mission President's home then went on a Prague Walk. We walked 2 blocks to the most beautiful views of the City where President told us the story of how the Church came to be here in the CR and how the people fought for 40 years for us to be here. They we went with the APs around, contacted, and ate svíčkova. Look it up it was absolutely scrumptious. I stayed the night at the mission home and they let us to go sleep at 7 pm! I hit the pillow and was out COLD until 6:30. In the morning everyone wondered if they woke me up cause there was a bunch of people outside my room and making a ton of noise and playing badminton but nope. I slept like a hibernating bear. 

yaddah yaddah yaddah we met our comps the next day and found out where we were going. I am in a trio with Sestra Clark and Sestra Senkane. Sestra Clark was in the MTC 2 groups before me and she is super funny. Sestra Senkane is in her last transfer and is from Latvia. We are serving in Mlada Boleslav. It's cute and seems small. We are teaching a Slovak and have met and spoke with a few people from Poland. Its crazy how close our languages are. Its tough but my jet lag is all done and we contact like wild beasts. When we walk down the street we are a wall and none shall pass without a chance of hearing our word. Its awesome. Starsi Smith is in the town next to us so we are in the same district! Its relieving to see a familiar face twice a week. It's cold here and I bought a furryish coat which we must always wear. Even if it is nice outside it is the custom to wear it. All the way zipped up too. Otherwise people will get after you. 

I know what is going on 40% of the time but whatever, I will get the hang of it. Sometimes it is hard trying to constantly understand people but it is also conforting to know I am not a SOLO missionary anymore and can rely on all 3 of my companions now. Sestra Clark, Seatra Senkane and the Spirit. We have a wonderful branch and when we were asked to share our testimonies I wasn't sure if I used the right words but a few people were nodding their heads. Its surprising how many people speak English here. Don't worry-I always speak Czech to them. I need to practice. 

I love you all! Take care of yourselves and always count your blessings!
And remember-when in doubt, bare it out. 
-Sestra Hale

P.S. I gave away my first Book of Mormon to a Polish man. After I said (in broken Czech) each word, he followed in Polish each word. We both said that "This book will bless your life" and "I know it is true" I hope that did something for him. I have no idea what he said back to me but maybe one day that book sitting in his house will do something! 

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