missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 4 Red hands, Sladky (sweets), and Mongolians

These weeks are flyyyyyying by.
SO we taught English at the homeless place this last week. Its called Nadeji (Hope). So MID LESSON a man sits down at our table and starts rolling a cigarette. Sister Clark and I made great eye contact because it was the first time we have seen that done.

And, I guess this happens a lot here, but people just go to the bathroom outside. Mostly kids. But there was a kid running over to the dirt next to the sidewalk with his mother following and she helped him drop his trousers to pee! What in the world! Why is that a thing here?

As for the other side of the world. Its pretty cold and windy. Last night we were putting tracting letters in a neighborhood and I wasn’t wearing gloves. It was overcast and windy and soooo cold. All of the sudden my hands felt super warm. I didn’t realize until later that they had gone numb and were cherry red. woops! 

In one day while contacting we met 4 Polish men, one man from Germany, a few Slovaks, and a Mongolian woman stopped us! She didn't speak Czech very well but she asked about church because I think she said she was a member? Anyway we exchanged numbers to get her to church.

With one of our investigators J--the HG is working on him SO strong! We all know it. He just can't make that next step to come to church. We have tried everything. But, to help him recognize the spirit I told my comps about what someone said at the MTC-give the investigator a 3X5 note card and write down the chapters they are to read and then a place for Thoughts and Feelings while reading. He said it helped! I was really glad I took so many notes while at the MTC. We are praying fervently for J to commit. He is so close!

One day we walked to the neighboring little town and walked by a Lidl store. Its explained in my voice recording but oooooh they have great candy here. The best $7 American dollars I have spent. Also! I'm so happy about the Pistachios being so cheap here.

LASTLY-----Guess who arrived in the CR this last Friday? we got word that all four of our Starsi's from the states made it together! Their Visas went through and all I know now is 2 of the 4 of them are in my zone! Yay!!! We will see them at training on Thursday.

I love you all!
-Sestra Hale

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