missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 3 Synchronized Camels and Skate Boarding Bears

Ready for random?
Here we go.
We went to the circus with one of our investigators J. I tell you what, him and I were acting like children the whole time. Especially when the elephants were out. The circus was SO COOL! It was the Czech/Slovak Hunberto Circus. There was random talent like juggling on your back with your feet and hands at the same time, there was hoola-hooping 20 hoops at a time, there were synchronized camels....did you know you can train camels?? There was also a skate boarding bear! It was the coolest thing I have ever seen. Oh. And this circus was in a tent! Straight up like the movies. That was also a part that made me feel all giddish. I think part of my Melanie side came out. But no worries, I rememebered that I am Sestra Hale now so I stayed calm.
J also committed to stop smoking! He is a champion and has a baptismal date!.
We met a man named R and  holy crap he is prepared!!!!    The first lesson he told us he just wants to help people and is looking into Chinese medicine. After our lesson we invited him to be baptized and he is on date! Tonight he even asked about serving a mission. But too bad is is 2 years too old. Anyways- God really does prepare people.
We went on a vylet (trip) with S and her kids. It was fun we walked into some woods, played on a cute playground, then walked to the other side of the woods and down the mountain to across the stream to then a castle. S has been meeting the missionaries for 5 months now. Patience is key with her I think. We really enjoy our time with her and the same goes for her. Sometimes its hard to teach someone like that because we know how much the Gospel can bless her life if she would just allow it. Ya know?
Today for P Day we went with the Jicin Elders to a castle. We walked along a pretty road and fields for forever long, like 1.5 miles both ways and ate lunch at the castle, went into some tiny old caves, then returned. My district is so great. And we just got word that our district  now has Liberec in it because of the change of missionaries and their visa things. Yay! I'm excited for our growing district.
Fun Fact: Sestra Senkane's parents were the first church members in Latvia AND her dad was an area 70 AND  he translated the Book of Mormon in Latvian. I'm serving with Royalty here!
I love you all.
Take care!
-Sestra Hale

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