missionary melanizzle

missionary melanizzle

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Week 70 -- Updates

I honestly don't know what to write anymore. 
Guess what? Thursday night President McConkie called us at approximately 8:50 pm and told us the Holt's replacement is coming sooner than expected. Yay! They got their visas! What does this mean for us? Well, I'll try to explain it simply. 
There are not enough sisters in the mission, thus we are covering 2 areas. 
I leave soon, only one sister is coming in. Still a shortage.
The senior couple need an apartment when they come
We are being booted out of Prague and consecrating ourselves in Mlada Boleslav
We are to be out of the apartment (moved and cleaned in detailed) by Monday. 
For the rest of the transfer we will still kind of work in Prague as we try to transition the people we are teaching to the elders who are staying. 
Probably until September, there will not be any sisters serving in Prague. 
SAD!  BUT we are happy to be closer working with those that need us in Mlada Boleslav. 
As far as Z goes, he is AWESOME! I haven't personally seen him for over a week because we had 2 exchanges this week Sestra Cade and I were in Prague both times. BUT Z listened to a conference talk by President Monson and he was also looking around and listened to a talk from general conference about being a Child of God (The night before he prayed to truly know if he was a child of God)  SO cool. we are always on the edge of our seats on the phone after his lessons. He is our favorite!!!!! 

We had a culture night in Jicin this last week. It was a concert of folk music from the Czech Republic. Pretty cool, I was distracted by a cute baby sitting in front of us and the kostel interior. The band also was wearing fancy blouses from times of old. It was pretty nice. 
Love you all! Stay tuned for the last email next week! 
Sestra Hale

p.s. funny moment: a man took a picture of us contacting on the metro. Awkward. #missionariesonthemetro

Sooo many other things happened but I'd rather tell you all in person. Ask me about the bible meeting at the cafe this last week!

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